Motivation Monday: Ideas in the Streets-Orson Scott Card

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March 18, 2013 by Nichole Eck

Card, Orson Scott-AThousandStoryIdeas

I discovered this quote over the weekend, and it describes perfectly what my last writing tip was about. Thank you, Card! (No pun intended.)

New goal  for March: train myself to notice a dozen story ideas every day.

Probability says that at least some of them will be winners.

I tend to see other people most when I’m traveling between two points, so I think I’ll focus on other people’s journeys, too. Where are they going? Where have they been? Where are they in their journey, just starting out or nearing the end? Have they made this journey before?

Or I could psychoanalyze the people around me based on what they’re carrying, what they’re wearing, or what they’re saying.

Or I could choose to focus on settings rather than people and imagine up absurd reasons for why things work the way they do.

Or I could focus on interactions and pretend that everyone I see (a) already knows, (b) is related to, or (c) has never before met everyone they talk to and then imagine up a backstory to explain their actions.

Or, since I’ve always been inspired by architecture, I could try and imagine that every building is a cathedral and come up with a religion that would explain why it was built like that. (Ooh, this one actually sounds fascinating. I’ll be trying this one next! So many possibilities!)

What would you choose to focus on if you were looking for story ideas in the world around you?


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